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 MultiAdaptor 120V with Option for Data Bus

MultiAdaptor 120V with Option for Data Bus
for 1 circuit tracks is designed to accept data bus contacts (99-698-0). Smooth formed high impact-resistance component for an unobtrusive appearance. Double lock mechanism allows for connection of heavy spotlights, suitable for use with other brand tracks. Complete with screw cable terminals and nickel plated spring contacts. Approved for 6A inductive / 6A ohmic up to 120V, includes ground contact and includes an on/off switch. Maximum load up to 11lbs, 22lbs with retaining collar (99-066-.)

Housing: self-extinguishing polycarbonate accordung to class V0.

Mounting instruction
Data sheet

+ Data bus

Data bus contact pcb

With SELV - safety chip and gold plated spring contact pins, for use in MultiAdapter.

Mounting instruction

EUTRAC Lighting Control


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MultiAdaptor 120V

98-542- 1 2 3

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