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 Mechanical universal hook

Mechanical universal hook 
Suspension possibilities for shop and display areas; also suitable for pendant light fixtures, maximum wire cross section 2 mm.

maximum load: 22 lbs

From 01.09.2017 we will offer all our 3~ tracks, system components and adapters in a new White (traffic White close to RAL9016) with last digit 6.

Please notice that we only offer the "old" pure White with last digit 1 until 31.12.2017.

From 01.01.2018 we will only offer the new traffic White with last digit 6 in our product range!


  • weiß
  • schwarz
  • silber
  • grau

Mechanical universal hook

maximum load: 22lbs.

Mounting instruction
Data sheet

99-067- 6 2

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Cap for universal hook

99-284- 6 2 3

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